Perhaps the most frequently asked question when discussing my education and career path is, “how did you go from architecture, to library science, to set design?”  My transition from studying architecture to set design is the easier of the two to explain.  I love design; however, in architecture one is always confined by reality.  My evolution as an artist and a designer made the field of theatre far more preferable to me; fly lines and stage construction allows me to push past the physical restrictions of building construction.


            My love of academics, books, and a desire to become a skilled educator initially drew my attention to the school of Library and Information Studies. I obtained a Masters of Library and Informations Studies in order to strengthen my research and organizational skills, and to expand my ability to communicate effectively as an educator and a life long student.  The excitement and joy exuded by someone just beginning their journey to becoming a skilled designer is a constant source of inspiration and joy for me.  I am always eager to learn from another designer; I can only hope that my desire to learn is as inspiring to other designers as their designs are to me.